I am Jose Fernandez, designer and founder of @galferdexign, I am a Spanish car designer with experience in the field of design in some car manufacturers in Europe and I always dreamed of creating a brand of fashion accessories that had a soul and fight against bullying (because I had it when I was a kid) and we are starting to discuss with some organizations to donate a part of each sale of our glasses, I wanted to create designs for people who feel unique in any way, they feel extraordinary and this year we have made it possible by creating the brand and patenting the designs

We are a Spanish team that joined to create a brand of designer sunglasses, we are based in Frankfurt, our main objective is to create extraordinary and recognizable pieces with quality materials, I was passing by to ask if you would be interested in distributing our two models. 

We have two models, CHACHO and JIGUERAS.


Chacho means "child" in Spanish, and the word comes from the extinct Castúo  dialect of our region of Spain, Extremadura. Region from we are and in which we have been inspired to design them.

The Chacho model, as you can see has a unique and patented design, it is NOT a bought and resold model, we have created it from the beginning, a recognizable silhouette at a distance, with innovative aspects such as its floating stainless steel structure that supports its exclusive panoramic nylon lenses with UV400 sun protection.

Available in matt green and matt black finish.


JIGUERAS means "fig tree" in Spanish, the word comes from the almost extinct Castúo dialect of our beloved region of Spain, Extremadura. Region  from we are and in which we have been inspired to design these models.

The JIGUERAS model, as you can see has a simple, unique and patented design, a silhouette recognizable at a distance, innovative aspects such as its floating structure that supports its round lens made of quality materials such as nylon lenses with UV400 protection, stainless steel frame and adjustable temples in TR material. In this model the lenses can be changed for vision lenses due to its frame adjustment design

They are lightweight and this release version comes in our beloved lime pantone green with gloss finish, also available in gloss black