The jewelry that empowers each woman to shine. Georgina Jewelry is an independent jewelry line created by Kansas City-based designer, Georgina Herrera. Georgina was born in Mexico and moved to the United States with her family. She founded Georgina Jewelry in 2010. Georgina says “the connection between love, art, and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are.” Her designs are a fusion of fashion trends with her culture and tradition. This gives Georgina a unique and authentic brand with a fresh, modern, yet classic design that truly reflects her passions.

Georgina believes in empowering women to be their most confident selves with her line. She is inspired by the character, strength, and determination of the modern woman. Each piece in the collection is designed to create a unique statement whether it be in the office or at a gala. There is a piece for every woman and every occasion.

Georgina Jewelry has been featured on the runways at Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Her pieces are stunning, breathtaking and memorable -- wearable works of art that will have everyone watching the woman wearing it.        

  "The connection between love, art and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are."

Georgina Herrera

Georgina Jewelry Luxe Triple Infinity Gold Ring
Georgina Jewelry Les Racines Gold Earrings
Georgina Jewelry Reverie Smooth Gold Triangle Earrings
Georgina Jewelry Reverie Silver Chain Bar Earrings
From $75.00 - $76.00
Georgina Jewelry Mini Butterfly Diamond Earrings
Georgina JewelryMini Butterfly Diamond Necklace
Georgina Jewelry Reverie Gold Bar Chain Long Necklace
From $149.00 - $169.00
Georgina Jewelry Signature Asymmetric Flower
Georgina Jewelry Signature Crystal Ring
Georgina Jewelry Les Racines Roots Ring