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After working in finance for a few years, Grace followed her passion to be an entrepreneur. Grace is a self -taught designer who is inspired by contemporary artworks. She founded GH HAUS at the beginning of 2019.

GH HAUS is a curated art fashion brand who design art to elevated fashion seamlessly with global artists. GH HAUS is comprised of Gallery and fashion brand of quality apparel, bags, and home decor products. We design art to elevated fashion seamlessly which no second brand can have same patterns design licensed by us.

GH encourages their customers practicing art therapy when they shop in GH HAUS. Their wardrobe is their art collections. We are dedicated to introducing the beauty of art to the public in an innovative way. GH works closely with these artists on the quality and uniqueness of finished products. Our Philosophy is deeply entrenched in the platforms of "quality" and "refinement".

Discover artistic possibilities in contemporary art: Minimalism, Abstract, Pop Art, Illustration……

We redefine practicable art and enthralling bags, the incomparable creativity of artwork showcases its enchantment in all dimensions