Giada Blu





Giada Blu is a Connecticut based Fine Jewelry label, specializing in one-of-a-kind, wearable art. Designed by Danielle Todaro, the work is inspired by her passion for Gemstones, Antiquities and Pearls. Each piece of jewelry is handmade in America with exceptional craftsmanship. Not a single piece is mass produced.


Giada Blu Jewelry uses only the finest, natural and ethically-sourced Gemstones and precious metals. Majority of the designs are made using 18k yellow gold, with a focus on versatile luxury. GB necklaces feature a signature push ring clasp, allowing for them to be worn reversibly and to attach Amulets. Known for their edgy concepts and bold statement jewelry, Giada Blu designs without restraint. Instead, they view jewelry as a vehicle of self-expression and storytelling. 

Amongst the Collection, you will find an array of one-of-a-kind Amulets and are encouraged to build a cluster that empowers you and gives you strength. Whether it’s an Ancient Arrowhead, a rare Gemstone or a painted Pearl, there’s something that will resonate with each person's journey. Showcase them on a chain, diamond necklace or one of our Signature Necklaces. 

Giada Blu is modernizing the way to wear traditional jewelry by designing concepts that are innovative yet complimentary to what’s already in your jewel box. Their array of earring attachments can take your daytime look to evening and hook onto any stud or hoop to create your own custom style.

Their Statement Necklaces have quickly become the Signature look of the brand, featuring hundreds of carats of colorful, vibrant Gemstones that transform you from the outside, in. Elevate your look- wear them casually or dress them up! Don’t be scared to be bold.

You’re not boring, your jewelry shouldn’t be either.