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Let’s just be real, I still could not find sassy colorful supportive swimsuits I wanted to wear. While fitting for some of the top swimsuit companies as a professional Swimsuit Fit Model. I noticed the average plus size customer was still misunderstood. No! We do not want, to hide our curves in dark-colored shapeless swimsuits.
We also want marketing that we can relate to. We need more Model Diversity in Size, Height, Skin Color and Age. Where is our billboard in Times Square? Where’s our television commercials or more plus size models in Sports Illustrated Magazines? Where is our inclusion in Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion week? No more taking our dollars without representing our type of beauty in Major AD Campaigns. At Glamour Glamour Swimwear we hope to add more diverse models to our campaigns. So when you shop Glamour Glamour Swimwear please tag us on our Instagram page @GlamourGlamour_swimwear so we can see you enjoying your suit. Growing up in a swimsuit on the island of Jamaica, this was only destiny. While at the beach or pool I would get asked by other plus size women, “Excuse me but where did you get your swimsuit from?”Then I would notice beautiful plus size women wearing shorts and a t-shirt to the beach. Then I noticed beautiful Plus Size women in skinny bikinis two sizes too small for their size. Then some women kids playing the game, who can pull mummies string bikini first. She was five minutes away from an exposed nipple. Oops! How embarrassing. I really want Glamour Glamour Swimwear to inspire confidence and encourage Plus Size women everywhere to enjoy and celebrate their beautiful curves. So I dove in, literally! What if we had a bright vibrant swimwear line that supports, shapes and contours our beautiful curves? Yes, a light bulb went off. I think I’m qualified, it’s time to use my Fashion Design Degree from F.I.T along with my many years as a fit model; so pen to paper my hand went. That’s how Glamour Glamour Swimwear got started.