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GO Clothed is a Spanish luxury millinery founded in 2018 with the objective of creating a new generation of hats, combining the traditional techniques with new technologies, to make them more modern but without losing their craft soul.

We are committed to innovation with style, seeking through the fusion between handmade and avant-garde to create different and modern products, but always with the goal of creating a balanced modern beauty, where both worlds coexist in harmony and respect.

For us, fashion and its accessories are tools with which to show the personality of each one of us without barriers. We believe in the perfection of the imperfect, in the complement of the incomplete and in the respect for the different.

Hats are special and make you feel special, that is why we create "Unique hats for Unique Heads", to empower and motivate us to be different, no matter what other people say. We are unique individuals with our own dreams and goals, and we are free to be who we want to be. But a hat doesn't make special to whom it's wearing it, a hat shows that a special person is arriving.

Quality and love for the good work of things are the basis of our work and participate in the development towards a better world. That is why 10% of the price of each of our hats is donated to different social, health and/or environmental projects.