Hoda Designs is a contemporary accessories brand launched in Toronto, handmade by self-taught designer (Hoda).  The body sculpting leather harnesses and body jewelry complement the natural shapes and contours of the female body. Described as elegant, yet industrial, the jewelry and unique accessories mix heavy metals and chains with soft quartz stones and gold-plated accents and bound with leather. Where possible the pieces are crafted with high quality upcycled leather materials to minimize the waste factor and create more sustainable designs. The pieces are made for the modern women looking to make a statement and re-invent her look. The artist is inspired by architectural shapes and patterns, using unconventional materials to create extraordinary one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

“Stand out from the crowd with these unique, one-of-a-kind accessories from Hoda Designs.”

Hoda Designs Diamond Necklace
Hoda Designs Crystal Quartz Leather Harness
Hoda Designs Sweetheart Leather Harness
Hoda Designs Leather Hand Jewelry
Hoda Designs Braided Leather Bib
Hoda Designs Lucifer Leather Harness
Hoda Designs Onyx V-Neck
Hoda Designs Snake Chain Leather Harness
Hoda Designs Spherical Tribal Necklace
Hoda Designs Leather Bow-tie Collar
Hoda Designs Downtown Leather Link Chain Necklace
Hoda Designs Stacked Rectangular Necklace
Hoda Designs Liquid Gold Chain Necklace
Hoda Designs XX Leather Earrings
Hoda Designs Leather Bow Chain Necklace