Hygenie fairy



Handmade in NYC

Hello everyone I would love to introduce my brand to those of you who are new and have been here for some time Hygenie Fairy is a partnership of 2 amazing sisters who sought out to make an impact on feminine hygiene and help women restore their confidence with our products that we create. We’ve done our research on every ingredient we formulate in our products for our consumers. Each product is specifically formulated to help with problems we all deal with and may be afraid to speak on. We are here for you and to reassure you that we are right along with you! We are here to inform you and educate you on how you can get your concerns underway. Our products are made with herbal infusions and essential oils that have been used for years. This was the most popular way our ancestors used back in their time to heal and help the people and we are reintroducing it to our generation and the new generations to come! Every product is handmade by us and made with love and pure intentions. We want to introduce to the world a more healthy and non toxic way to stay clean and fresh! Thank you all for trusting in us! Thank you all for your support.