Inspired by elegance and the beauty of details, Ines Bouwen draws on the intricate, minute beauty of the everyday – a thought, a colour, a form, an atmosphere – to create a collection imbued with all the wonder of an open mind. With a jewellery collection distinguished by its individuality, it is Bouwen’s balancing of structure and detail that lends her work a simplicity, unearthing meaning in restraint. Working with precious metals such as silver and different shades of gold – think of her champagne-tinted gold which acts as the perfect match for skin tones -, the Antwerp-based designer combines craftsmanship with an ethical backbone to embrace both quality and character. A labour of love she runs together with her sister Inge, both sisters draw on a childhood spent in Antwerp’s diamond and jewellery field to harness joint beliefs in the importance of love and friendship, creating jewellery that is both intimate and intriguing. To have something engraved in mind.

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