Inspiration Scents



Inspiration Scents…House of Olfactory Sentiments

If you love fragrances like I do, then you know what it's like to be addicted to loving a fragrance and changing your scent based on your mood or how you want to feel at any moment.  I am introducing a whole new experience in choosing your fragrance…whether it's an emotion or feeling, beautiful memories, indulgence, or a mindset -- I've translated a beautiful rich fragrance blend that embodies the essence of the desired inspiration. 

Inspiration Scents are designed to inspire your sentiment and my signature perfume oil roll-on application allows for easy application and a very personal experience.  Only those who come in close contact with you will be able to smell it. To me, that makes the sentiment more intimate. 

Combining colors of emotion with the love and art of perfuming transpires our hand crafted I.S. fragrances that are traditionally bottled - Just for you!