Jewellery Bar



Jewelery Bar is a collection of luxurious handcrafted jewelry created from natural pearls and stones and high quality rhodium-plated fittings from South Korea.

Each stone has its own unique energy. Stones selected with a special meaning bring wealth, health, love and success.

You can choose an ornament that will become a talisman and amulet. Such a unique gift to yourself and your loved ones will delight you for many years.

The chains and accessories are based on a special jewelry alloy that does not contain harmful materials such as nickel and cadmium. The coating contains rhodium plating, which will ensure the durability of the products.

Jewelery Bar makes jewelry for the modern urban girl who prefers classic style of dress because she works hard. However, she also makes time for family, friends, and fun.
She can easily transform by throwing a denim jacket over a black base dress and accentuating with jewelry.

And let all the attention of others revolve around her!