Jill Herlands came to metalwork later in life and by accident. She left a career as an agent in the music industry for marriage and to raise a daughter. After her daughter left for college, Herlands found herself in search of a hobby.

She decided to teach herself to solder metal with the goal of being able to use the technique to further her search for a creative outlet. She picked up a handheld torch and some scrap metal and watched as the flame morphed the metal; Herlands was mesmerized by the power of the flame.

As a self-taught jewelry artist, Herlands has the freedom to make her own rules, and she does so with abandon. She uses hand-fabrication to coax precious metals into abstract objects of adornment, and is known to incorporate found objects, concrete, plastics, and rough gemstones into her designs.

Herlands possesses a balance and familiarity with what some might consider risk-taking; she trusts her instincts, innovation and experimentation to inform her process.

Herlands’ award-winning work is featured in fashion magazines including recent editions of Bazaar, Paper and Nylon. Her designs are carried in galleries and boutiques worldwide.

Jill Herlands currently lives and works in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City and is still mesmerized by the power of the flame.