My father has just undergone surgery that has left a huge scar on his neck, 15 centimetres long.

My father, my hero, is being undermined by this painful, unsightly mark. So I wonder what I can do to cheer him up and, more importantly, provide him with a cream that would be effective, totally healthy and would soften this deep scar. I promise to come back soon... I quickly realized that there were dozens of cosmetic brands, several ranges per brand, several products in each range and that it was not always easy to find your way around and to trust.

So I decided to turn to a couple of research friends and explained my problem to them. Ready for anything, out of love and with love, we spent weeks doing tests. With their team, they reviewed all the components that the skin needs, drawing from the wonders that Mother Nature offers us. Of all the tests they did, one product stood out without a doubt: snail mucus. A few weeks later, I brought him back a vial I had created for him in the lab and then a new reinforced formula arrived. 5 months later, his scar had disappeared... Passionate, motivated by results and fascinated by the discoveries and workings of cosmetic chemistry, I then had a highly concentrated hyaluronic serum developed for my friends. With my vials that looked like nothing and no packaging, I still had more and more requests... Jolie Française was born!

I quickly became disillusioned when I realized that marketing and packaging was an art and that if the substantial marrow was ready, the form was a pitfall! Discouraged by codes I didn't know, I took a step back... On the evening of July 14, 2016, I was on my terrace to watch the fireworks in Nice. The attacks of that fateful night reminded me that life can leave its mark on the soul and the skin... I quit my job as a stewardess in September, got back to work, and thanks to outstanding researchers, I was able to advance my formulas to the results I was hoping for.

Surrounded by a team of graphic designers, I learned and understood the codes of marketing. It is with joy and pride that today we offer you treatments that reflect our brand, both in content and form. It is with conviction that we continue our research again and again.

Jolie Française skin care products are formulated using only natural ingredients that are highly dosed and not tested on animals. They are paraben-free, sulphate-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free and specially formulated for sensitive or allergic skin. Our packaging is eco-responsible to help stop polluting the planet, with the goal of zero waste. The packaging is 100% recyclable and free of any plastic film. The human being is at the heart of our action, which is why we are happy to contribute to the development and rehabilitation of people with disabilities by committing ourselves to L'APREH.

All the ingredients used to create Jolie Française skincare are made in the south of France.  Our treatments are suitable for both women and men, for all colours and skin types. Thanks to exceptional researchers sensitive to animal suffering and the environment, we have created for you, effective, natural, optimized care to provide the skin with all the elements it needs.