KAKAKI is wearable art for generations to come. The designs are creatively made to emphasize details that are evergreen in its look and use of material. KAKAKI statement pieces have a personality of their own should u choose to treasure your memories and wear with love.

Wearing KAKAKI is almost as seamless as having a feeling. The Karma collection by is a reflection of the feelings we have, hence the names of all our pieces as ‘happy’, ‘beautiful’, ‘confidence’ and the like. In many ways it represents most positive affirmations we would like to visit through our minds. So it really doesn’t matter who you are, KAKAKI creations are for every person with feelings of one kind or another. As the designer, I have truly enjoyed making each design from illustration, creation to its formation. And for someone styling a look with KAKAKI, I hope you will truly enjoy it.


KAKAKI is an accessories brand that brings a fun and contemporary twist to traditional heirloom jewelry. It symbolizes the bond between mothers and daughters and in Indian culture, heirloom jewelry is passed from generation to generation. Carrying memories of love and special moments in time, mothers and daughters share a special bond that is theirs to wear and enjoy together. But heirloom pieces can sometimes be too ornate for daily wear. KAKAKI attempts to change that story. Inspired by fine jewelry, I wanted to bring to a new medium, light and colorful palette through my brand for everyday phenomenal occasions.  

The name KAKAKI is also a coming together of two names and lives; my daughter Sairaah Kirti and I: The vision for my brand came alive after she turned one. I wanted to capture the memories she was helping me create every day and leave her jewelry that was not only fun, bold, and beautiful, but also symbolic of the feelings we have for each other and of our journey together. I have designed pieces she can have fun with and when the time comes, pass on to her own daughter, all while holding me tight in her memory. 


Timeless and sustainable, our work is made with PMMA acrylic from post-industrial use, upcycled into delicate yet daring designs. The acrylic we use to make our eco-friendly jewelry is from discarded PMMA products at the end of their lifetime. This is further upcycled in our jewelry and are made to be of more value than plain acrylic sheets. This process stops the waste from going into the landfill and reducing the negative impact of this scrap material. In short, upcycled PMMA reduces the emission of Co2 into the air hence contributing to an eco-friendly environment for all of us. Slowly but steadily, this is our way to ensure a better future for the world we live in.