Kamica Hampton



Texas Flair Meets Italian Finesse

Texas flair meets Italian craftsmanship. Textured snakeskin, velvety suede and creamy leather meld together under the adroit eyes of a trendsetting designer.

Welcome to the world of Kamica Hampton—where glamour is foremost and style is never compromised.

A lifelong lover of shoes and aficionado of sky-high heels, Kamica set out to create her own line of luxury shoes and accessories, crafted in the best Italian shoemaking tradition, made to walk for miles.

An African-American luxury brand set to deliver trendsetting styles with panache; every pair of Kamica Hamptons is unique. Each collection is exclusively, designed by Kamica to represent the modern woman: sophisticated, alluring, courageous, and knowing no boundaries.

The woman behind the brand has a zest for life and family and a yearning for knowledge and creativity. She aspires all women to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams: to know that they are the masters of their own destinies and they alone define the essence of who they are.

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Kamica Hampton Power Shoes
Kamica Hampton Fearless Shoes
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