Cactus is called karmouss by the locals in Morocco. Hence the name of our brand “ KARMOUSS”. All our products are made from natural and organic cactus ingredients with no additives. As cacti grow in their natural environment in Morocco. Growth is completely self-contained. Without human interference with nature.Which means that we do not use fertilizers or pesticides and do not water the cacti. They get all the water they need naturally in the form of rain water.

Cactus oil is a relatively new product. Due to its amazing results, this oil will definitely become a leader in the cosmetic industry in the future. The positive effects of cactus oil on the body are remarkable, as it slows the ageing of the skin, regenerate the skin at the cellular level, is a natural remedy for eczema, increases shine and strength of hair, regenerates damaged nails, is excellent in the fight against acne and is a powerful antioxidant. In addition to its excellent hydration and outstanding anti-aging effect, it contains more vitamin E than any other cosmetic product on the market. It is distinguished by the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids.