Katherine Riardant



Created by Katherine, Atelier Katherine Riardant brings creativity and sophistication to women's fashion. Our limited edition, genuine leather handbags and fashion accessories showcase exquisite attention to detail and distinctive European flair. Every design is born from inspiration and every color, feature, and adornment draws on a journey—across continents, eras, and experiences.

As a young girl, Katherine developed a fascination with how things are made, teaching herself the nuances of fashion design as she sewed clothes for her dolls. Her curiosity led her to study and obtain her Master’s in Fine Arts and Visual Communications, to work alongside renowned designers in Europe, Asia, and the US, to learn the making of leather goods, the art of creating well-proportioned patterns, and the intricacies of working with premium leather.

Immersed in her love of the fashion craft, Katherine spent years drafting well-thought our patterns and assembling and sewing them herself. She studied the techniques of leather goods, meticulously stitching edges, and applying embellishments and painted edges by hand. Her passion for transforming leather into objects of beauty became her brand, as Madame Riardant became Katherine’s silent muse. Madame Riardant was a woman of innate elegance, with a deep appreciation for nature and high culture, and an intense love of the arts, beauty, design, and sophisticated style.

Today, Katherine Riardant Collections embody the same curiosity, creativity, and craftsmanship that began Katherine’s journey. Designed to inspire, stand out, and embrace a woman’s identity, Katherine Riardant leather goods progress beyond luxury to an expression of beauty, depth, and individuality.

Katherine Riardant designs begin conceptualization on the drawing board. Sketches draw inspiration from geometric forms, European architecture, aviation, and elegant city living. Each idea is carefully considered for both aesthetic beauty and functionality—fine art takes time.

Paper sketches are enhanced by Parisian-inspired color palettes featuring rich burgundies, deep greens, royal blues, mustards, classic black, crisp white, and select pastels. Detailed design patterns are first brought to life in the form of 3D models, to assess proportions, size, depth, and comfort. Custom-designed accents and adornments—such as high-quality plated metals, hidden pockets, and detachable straps—are added for style and function, and complete the undeniably sleek aesthetic.

Each luxury leather prototype is then perfected and handcrafted in Italy, using only the finest materials and machinery, before it is personally packaged in a luxurious cardstock box with your own initials—because in the end, it’s all for you.

We believe our environment, our artisans, and our clients deserve the utmost respect, and that functionality and durability should never be sacrificed for the sake of beauty. You deserve it all. At Katherine Riardant we go great lengths to ensure our luxury leather goods are handcrafted with care. We source the highest quality, environmentally-friendly, certified, and approved materials. Our linings are made from 100% recycled plastic , our pure colors and 0.5 micron plated metals are made to last, our closures and protective base feet are secured in place with visible metal finishes to enable non-invasive adjustments, our genuine leather is the best quality full-grain available, and we pay attention to leather tanning methods to reduce our footprint. With respect to tradition, we look toward the future. Progressive innovation, safe and sustainable materials, and concern for both man and nature are at the center of all we do. Our designs are masterpieces in constant evolution as we commit to remain in harmony with our earth and our community. When you choose Katherine Riardant, you are making a statement of beauty and sustainability.