Kathy C Vang




Made to Order in NYC

Kathy C Vang (KCV) is a New York City based sustainable fashion brand inspired by the desire to live in a more sustainable and ethical world. 

Each design is infused with sustainable approaches from natural dyes, innovative biodegradable fabrics made from orange peels to rose petals, oeko-tex certified or recycled threads, organic plant based materials, natural dyes, and/or recycled materials - depending on the garment. Made in the garment district of New York City, one of KCV’s many missions is to normalize an ethical, living wage for garment workers. The end result is to prove that fashion and sustainability can co-exist.

Kathy C Vang Violet Dress
Kathy C Vang Sloane Jumpsuit
Kathy C Vang Scarlett Rose Dress
Kathy C Vang Kaiyl Ruffled Tank
Kathy C Vang Alyssum Skirt