Kinga Krol



Handmade in London

Kinga Krol is a UK based, upcoming accessories designer, who challenges the relationship between art and design. Krol started her business back in July 2020, and her designs have been featured in many international fashion publications, that includes: British Vogue, Russian Holm Magazine and Polish KMag.
Krol creates stylishly fun beaded bags and shoes that evoke instant joy with their bright colours and bold patterns. Each design is one-of-a-kind, delicately made and painted by hand to create unique and incredibly personal pieces. Krol’s products are born out of her dismay at the exploitative and wasteful nature that permeate fast-fashion. Most of her materials are sustainably sourced from second-hand fabrics and beaded products which deserve a second chance.
Instagram @kinga.krl

Kinga Krol Beaded Bag