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As the first contemporary label from Kosovo, KRENARE RUGOVA has established a distinguished style applying unique cutting techniques and using natural textiles.  Following her graduation from Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris, where she was awarded with the Susan Rooke Silver Thimble Award at the year-end Fashion Critics’ Award Show in 2001,

Krenare Rugova returned to Kosovo to contribute to the country’s post-war development. Since then, she is part of a wave of young, ambitious women leading Kosovo’s arts and culture scene.

Founded in 2003, KRENARE RUGOVA is the first contemporary RTW label coming from Kosovo. Over the course of 15 years, the company has established a distinguished style characterized by the application of unique cutting techniques often inspired by a fusion of natural and architectural forms that bring out new shapes and tastes. 

The company is dedicated to design and create with care and responsibility for the environment and community, honoring the old techniques and traditions while always remaining fresh and contemporary. KRENARE RUGOVA is using slow fashion to present new forms of forward thinking by collaborating with skilled local artisans and highlighting their valuable work in each garment. One of the recognizable characteristics of each collection is the use of hand- loomed fabrics made with natural fibers that are pleated and sometimes printed, making each piece full of stories and power.

A KRENARE RUGOVA garment is more than just clothing. It represents a piece of culture – an entire city. Krenare is bringing attention to the craftsmanship and the design capabilities of the western Balkans.