Kulik - Create your story 

Kulik is the polish fashion brand established in 2016. The brand gives on market the functional bags and original clogs. Every project is inspired by a modern minimalism and an architectural aesthetics.

 It’s love for minimalism of form, exclusive materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship, offering you the opportunity to personalize your chosen bag and give its unique character.

Their exclusivity is determined not only by the best quality materials , but also by traditional production techniques in local polish manufacture.

Kulik offers the possibility of personalizing each bag by selecting original straps - from hand-woven, through chain straps to short or long leather straps.

Kulik believes the designs are a tribute to female strength and vitality, but also emphasize her constant readiness for change.

KULIK Tiny Modern Camel Glam
KULIK Tiny Modern Black Glam
KULIK Sugar Love 2- colors handbag
KULIK Sugar Love 2- color Bag with twisted strap
KULIK Half Moon Kamel Pick Golden Eye Handbag