Lada Legina


LADA LEGINA is a California-based 3d-printed jewelry designer who explores new design ideas fusing traditional handwork with innovative contemporary techniques.

With inspiration spanning from the colors of nature over the patterns and embroidery to spiritual readings, the multilayered designs offer more than first catches the eye. The depth, literal and figuratively, of the pieces keeps showing new details, and the more you look at the complex 3-dimensional textures, the more depth and layers of detail reveals themselves.

By playing with mixing artisanal handwork with modern technology-driven design techniques, LADA LEGINA brings interesting new textures to layer with your favorite outfits. The designs featuring exclusive accessories crafted in limited numbers from carefully curated materials handset on unique 3D printed bases.

Modern technology is incorporated to let the intricate details of the fine handcrafting stand out against the contrast of state-of-the-art 3D printing. Computer-generated designs are not replacing the traditional craft, but putting into a modern context, where it gains a new significance. Behind the glamorous, attention-demanding accessories and dramatic glitter lie deeper ideas about the evolution of jewelry design, fashion, aesthetics, and the evolution of our spiritual lives.

I believe in preserving the heritage of handcrafting traditions by bringing them into the present. Fusing centuries-old design principles with modern cutting-edge technology to create something genuinely new, but at the same time retain the authenticity of something handmade. It is possible to craft contemporary jewelry that exudes the heart and soul that the artisan put into crafting it, without it having to feel dusty and old. — Lada Legina, designer

Lada Legina 3D Printed Rose Flower Ring
Lada Legina 3D Printed Lace UltraGlasses
Lada Legina 3D Printed Mystic Butterfly UltraGlasses
Lada Legina 3D Printed Syntopia UltraGlasses
Lada Legina 3D Printed Utopia Ultra Glasses