Lâme Cœur Paris



Designed in France

LÂME CŒUR PARIS is a French Brand of Ceremony Dresses and Accessories created by two sisters stylists.

Celebrating women forgotten, misrepresented or demonized in Fairy/Folk Tales, their gowns are uniquely designed in shimmering colours.

Inspired by their European culture and North African roots, their creations are distinguished by a meticulous work of pearl embroidery, lace and handmade ornaments, ancestral heritage of the city of Tlemcen, Algeria.

Princesses or Witches, Peasant girls or Ogresses, Angels or Demons, their exclusive selection of dresses features brave and proud heroines from both shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Handmade and Sustainable, LÂME CŒUR PARIS is aimed at Contemporary Queens who want a mythical dress to tell their own story!

Lâme Cœur Paris ROSE RED Dress
Lâme Cœur Paris TITANIA Dress
Lâme Cœur Paris MORGIANA Dress
Lâme Cœur Paris DANIELLE Dress