Lamita Organic



Be stylish and eco friendly at the same time!

Lamita is a woman, hence in our store’s offer you will find very thoughtful feminine designs. We follow principles of slow fashion. Each collection is produced in small quantities, and the products are made of the highest quality sustainable materials and eco friendly knitted fabrics.


What makes our brand unique?

Original prints 

All projects are original – they are created by two designers who are friends. Natural water-based paints are used for all prints..

GOTS Certificate 

Our organic cotton is GOTS certified. It is the worldwide leading textile processing standard.

Modopolis Award 

In September 2020, Lamita became the laureate of the Modopolis - Polish Fashion Forum competition and received another award - Modopolis recommendations, which testifies to ethical, ecological and responsible fashion.

Eco-friendly fashion

We are a zero waste clothing brand. All the remaining materials are used for creating Lamita’s accessories. For clothing packaging, we use reusable dust bags.


Fashion for planet lovers

Since 2017, we have been designing and making clothes using the highest quality eco friendly materials only. Each Lamita Organic collection is very well planned, in accordance with slow fashion approach. Our handmade jumpers, dresses, skirts and tops can be worn in a variety of ways for many years.

Lamita’s products are mainly made of GOTS organic cotton, the noblest silk and finest natural wool. Prints and painted patterns on jackets are made of non-toxic paints, also suitable for children. 

We are proud to support OneTreePlanted and for each product sold from our online boutique we donate 1 € to the organization and thus we plant 1 tree! And you also have your share! Thank you for that  1 product sold = 1 tree planted

Lamita Organic Top "Abstract"
Lamita Organic Short Leggings "Abstract"
Lamita Organic Silk Dress "Womanity"
Lamita Organic Jacket "Abstract"
Lamita Organic Shorts "Abstract"
Lamita Organic Skirt "Cornflowers"
Lamita Organic Handmade Sweater "Rainbow Neon"
Lamita Organic Body "Cornflowers"
Lamita Organic Short Leggings "Womanity"
Lamita Organic Dress "Gaia"
Lamita Organic Hoodie "Gaia"
Lamita Organic Velvet Sweatshirt "Cornflowers"
Lamita Organic Dress "Cornflowers"
Lamita Organic Velvet Pants "Cornflowers"
Lamita Organic Wide Leg Pants "Abstract"
Lamita Organic Maxi Dress "Womanity"
Lamita Organic Handmade Jumper "Merino Stripes"
Lamita Organic Handmade cardigan "Pastel Stories"
Lamita Organic Handmade Top "Green Meadow"
Lamita Organic T-shirt "Power"
Lamita Organic Handmade Top "Pink Meadow"
Lamita Organic Top "Womanity"