Le Reussi




Le Réussi is the only luxury women’s workwear brand empowering women to reflect their inner confidence and success through comfortable, impactful, success-driven fashion.


You know that dressing smart is the first step to feeling smart. But striking a balance between that dress that makes you feel like you could take on the world and the ill-fitting skirt suit that follows the unwritten rules of bland, professional workwear can feel like a full-time job—one that you are too busy leading board meetings or starting your own business to worry about. We are intelligent, powerful, and visionary women—that is how we earned our seats at the heads of tables—and we should not change that to fit the mold of a world that women are shaping as we speak. A plain suit and tie are not the de facto uniform for the C-level professional or career woman anymore—it is classic comfort pieces with feminine details, bold colors, and patterns in classic cuts—it’s whatever makes you feel your best. We are in the business of helping women dress as powerful as they feel—no matter their style—because empowered women empower women. Look good, feel good, project confidence, empowered to succeed.


We strive to help others succeed, achieve their dreams, and have a beautiful life.


For stylish, empowered professionals who are looking to reflect their inner confidence and success through their outer appearance, Le Réussi provides high-quality, women’s workwear that never sacrifices style or comfort in the name of success—because empowered women empower women.


Le Réussi distills the essence of female empowerment and success into garments that allow their wearer to look as powerful and comfortable as she feels. We focus on helping successful women see themselves represented in luxury fashion by creating stylish, practical, and comfortable womenswear for the sophisticated C-level (or aspiring C-level!) woman. 


My name is Nguyen Tran, the founder of Le Reussi. I got my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Vietnam and a MBA’s degree with the majors in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.

I always wanted to be successful and bring myself and my family to see a different and beautiful life. The urge to be successful prompted me to start my first startup business, QNV Trading Ltd., in 2012 and managed to set up 60 stores and supermarkets after years of working for several corporations.

I love fashion. My late mother used to make clothes for me when I was a child because we did not have spare money to buy clothes. My sister has been a tailor for 25 years. Experimenting with fabric, sewing clothing, and creating styles are always a part of my life. With those soft skills, I started Le Reussi with the vision to help young to middle-aged people who want to succeed in life with high-end professional outfits and style guides because I understand the business world, and I know how outfits are related to a career.

In my opinion, success is when you gain financial freedom, respect, have your own title(s) and find happiness.