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Less bla more true soul passionately offers you a simpler concept to make you feel more connected, happier and lighter!  All of our products are hand-made with love in Ecuador! 

Less bla more true soul was created in 2017 by two friends (Rose Calero & Xiomara Cortes) who decided to launch their ideas into an explosion of colors, design and details.   Less bla more true soul offers a collection of hand-made women’s accessories, clothing and home décor, where combined by the talented women who created our products, produce a palette of items inspired by real life stories, mixing creativity, hues and love.  Our collections offer you a simpler concept to make you feel more connected and lighter.

Our unique designs are a mixed of maximalism and minimalism where shapes, embroidery, bold colors and feminism are paired! Our inspiration comes from all women who have made the decision to stand out from the ordinary in order to be connected to other souls!