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Guga Gonçalves and Lica Melzer are best childhood friends who took different career paths before creating LMG together.

Lica earned a law degree, a master's degree in the United States, and worked for a while in the field. She was always a reference and inspiration of style wherever she went and her entry into the fashion world was as a buyer for cool Brazilian multibrand when she lived abroad. She also had a hat brand and a column in TPM magazine on fashion and behavior.

Guga studied fashion in Milan and had a brand in Porto Alegre. She is well known for production, finishing, modeling and, in 2013, invited Lica to make a collection for her brand. The success of the first collection was repeated in the second and so they decided to continue the partnership that earned the name of LMG. The brand started with leather pieces that remain firm in its DNA, but today also brings pieces of silk, tailoring and linen to compose the looks. The duo together create the collections, which are two per year - summer and winter - and capsule collections between releases. LMG is present in several multi-brands throughout Brazil and the partners are working on expansion plans: export and online commerce.