Love, Indus



India's regional riches & rituals + NYC's transformative technology = Potent Potions

Love, Indus aims to bring India's Regional Riches & Rituals together with NYC's Transformative Technology to create potent potions that address relevant consumer needs that aren’t met with current solutions.

Our product offerings are precisely curated concoctions made by reviving hyper-local, precious ingredients and practices from the Indian subcontinent. Ingredients include rare minerals and botanicals - some lost, some forgotten and some that are yet to be discovered and harnessed outside their regional bastions.

For example, our premier Amrutini® collection includes skin-strengthening ingredients such as:

  • Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial Tea - The single-estate tea is also India’s most expensive, and is plucked only on certain full moon nights that results in a tea that’s intensely rich in antioxidants.  It is biotransformed to enhance the concentration and efficacy of the botanical
  • Muga Silk - Rare in form, this silk has regenerative and healing properties. We liquefied it and folded it into the formulation
  • Copper-Crusted Silk Cocoons - A new take on an old way to exfoliate. This innovative and powerful way of exfoliating is the first of its kind in skincare!

Conscious beauty enthusiasts can enjoy an immersive, opulent skincare experience while benefiting from ancient botanicals & rituals which have helped create powerful, sensorial products your skin will love.

"You'll wake up with glowing, plumped skin." – InStyle

Featured in InStyle, Byrdie, The Zoe Report, Galore, Women's Health and Beauty Independent – among others