Contemporary fashion brand focused on romance and femininity

Founded in 2018 out of Russia, LUVINÈ is a women’s fashion brand with high focus on romance and femininity.  The contemporary world puts high pressure on women: personal development, family, career  growth – all of it requires a lot of attention and energy. In order not to lose yourself in this race  for achievement and success a woman need to stay close to her true self. 

Since day one, LUVINÈ’s main goal was to unfold women’s true feminine nature and beauty through its designs. By this reason, there are only elegant dresses, skirts and blouses in the brand’s collections, which are created specifically for a woman living a fast life. Seasonal collections of LUVINÈ prove that true femininity can be maintained in the contemporary fast- paced environment.

Luvine Electric Blue Blouse Linda With Pussy Bow
Luvine Blue Arlet Skirt
Luvine Beige Skirt Butonia
Luvine Blouse Merinda With Blue Flower Print
Luvine Dress Dark Blue Bella With Dark Blue Flower Print