Maia Azlen




Maia Azlen is a design label that focuses on creating elegant and feminine pieces. Every item is hand crafted with love from the highest quality Italian textile. 

The vision began during corporate days with the need for more appropriate clothing suitable for business meetings during the day, as well as dinner parties and events in the evenings, while still emphasizing femininity, elegance and the feeling of freedom throughout the entire day. 

This later evolved into a desire to bring a little spark and magic into unique dresses for very special occasions. Each piece reflects capturing beauty which can be found everywhere around us. 

With every collection the brand tries to keep pace with the needs of the woman, while bringing something special in their everyday life. 

Our passion is to design elegant, creative pieces of clothing that people fall in love with, treasure and never want to take off. Every detail is carefully selected to form a garment that exudes feminine beauty and high-class elegance, while providing comfort at the same time. 

The items are created for every woman that wants to feel like she is starring her own modern fairy tale.