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MAISON ESTRELLA`s signature sense of style is sharp and sophisticated when coupled with a natural confidence, attention to details and giving a fabulous elegance with a comfort. Like an emerging independent European house of the fashion sector, MAISON ESTRELLA creates the novelty of fashionable READY-TO-WEAR line, represented with an incredibly solution of creating at the same time a casual, office and formal look for women who like to be stylish, fashion and elegant at any kind of occasions.

MAISON ESTRELLA was founded in 2018 by Iren Velkovski, confident in her knowledge, skills and experience gained during her 20 years of professional work for different fashion European companies like Inditex Croup, Next and La Redoute France. Creating together with her eldest son Erik Velkovski and matching two different generations that expressed a new form of elegance and fancy, adding touches of a comfortable and practical street couture, based on the idea to emphasize the female beauty. Any self-confident woman has to be special, charming and stunning, to remain at her best, have an ideal and stylish appearance for any occasions and events. 

MAISON ESTRELLA`s boutique is focused on creating collections consisting of 15 mastercraft designs and produced in limited edition. Because the creation of any kind of garment it is really a complex even an almost architectural project, due to the beauty and perfection in the issue of supply, selection of innovative fabrics, well-made patterns, excellent quality and beautiful look. Therefore we believe that any fashionable woman who chooses to wear our clothes, will emphasize her dignity and will conquer anyone`s attention at any time, anywhere!

Be bright and unique with our comfortable wear!

Maison Estrella KATHIKA Dress
Maison Estrella MARTINA Dress
Maison Estrella GOLDY Dress
Maison Estrella ADELLA Pants
Maison Estrella ADELLA Jacket