Every piece of Mamba is handmade in Yucatan with a technique called filigree. The silver is transformed into threads that are embroidered to form the final pieces. It's a hard and long process and we put all our hearts in it. We believe that through design it is possible to preserve ancestral craft techniques which is now our commitment to our roots and culture. 

We love what we do, you will love it too. Every piece is designed by artisan Erika Diaz, who learned from the very master craftsmen in Yucatan, Mexico. She Founded Mamba and teaches others the process.  Mamba has grown with it's own workshop in Yucatan, which gives more people jobs and opportunities to learn a new skill and earn fair wages.

Erika collaborates with communities to make the packaging made of Jipi Japa and other natural materials that can be reused. Working with these communities gives them a fixed income which is also zero-waste. Mamba is part of a foundation called AMANC Yucatan which helps and supports children with cancer in Yucatan.

Mamba Milagros Earrings