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Established in 2010, MANURÍ is all about emotions, transparency and beauty. It’s about the classics you’ll love to wear forever. It’s about showcasing inner beauty through the clothes you choose to wear. It’s about femininity and a soft, elegant sexiness.

All this, reshaped season after season with different influences, from the 70’s rock’n’roll, the 90’s impeccable tailoring to the 80’s oversized cuts.

The MANURÍ woman has all it takes to be a REAL woman. She has strength, but she is also vulnerable. She is confident, but she owns her moments of weakness as well. She is mature, she knows herself and is well aware of the advantages of being well dressed. She has courage!

NP - in our language it means - NO PLASTIC, NO POLYESTER, NO PROBLEM.

Too many no(p)-s, we know, but in fact it’s a big YES towards recycling and conscious consumerism. We want and trust YOU to wear our items 10 years from now. WE ONLY USE NATURAL FABRICS. Some of our products are limited edition due to the fact that we buy stocks of natural, high quality textiles and we want to limit waste as much as possible.

We are interested in CLIMATE CHANGE and we do what we can to protect the planet we live in. Together, we are even stronger. So so what you can, and we’ll do what we can as well. Wear your clothes to the max. When you’re bored of them, give them to other people. For them, they will be like new and very exciting. And they will LOVE them! Let’s LOVE earth and protect OUR HOME.