Maria Maurio

sustainable design

Our commitment to sustainable design starts with the ethical sourcing of natural and organic dyes and fibers. We don’t stop there!

The brand supports the United Nations Sustainability Goals for achieving a sustainable future for all. Our brand currently focuses on the following UN Goals: 5-Gender Equality, 8-Decent Work and Economic Growth, 10-Reduced Inequalities, 12-Responsible Consumption and Production, 13-Climate Action, 14-Life Below Water, 15-Life on Land


Our natural dyes are fair trade, organic and sourced through trusted outlets who support women, cooperatives of farmers and families, globally. We don’t use caustic chemicals in any of our processes. Our indigo vats are all natural, fructose reduced and our printing paste is food-grade, all natural too! 


Linen scarves are from French grown flax that is hand-loomed by a cooperative of families in India. The plant requires less water than cotton for growing, requires less pesticides and the entire plant is used without waste.

Silk is currently undergoing some soul searching and sourcing, we won’t lie! Most silk comes mainly from the mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori which is raised in captivity. We continue to seek out resources for silk to insure that production and labor are ethical and continue to align with our goals.

Cotton is organic-it’s grown without using harmful pesticides, chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than chemical ones. And it is all American grown! Read more here:

Cashmere/wool blend scarves are hand-loomed in Nepal by a single family who are generational expert weavers.


We believe with heart and soul that everyone must be treated equally and with respect. Fair wages, along with clean and safe working conditions are paramount to leading a decent life that can provide shelter, sustenance and happiness.

As we update our product line we’ll update and share info for full transparency. We want to feel good about what we design and produce so you can too!
We are committed to a sustainable and equitable future for all!