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MERMAID WAVE WEARWe sexed up the wetsuit and made it sustainable.

Hi I’m Mermaid Melodie and I created Mermaid Wave Wear because I wanted a wetsuit that I can wear to the beach and to the Club.  Guess what happens, normally guys will come up to me and ask, “Is that a wetsuit?”  I say it’s Mermaid Wave Wear, they smile and say cool!

Yes, it’s cool, sexy, and sustainable.  We use a water based glue to help Mother Nature.

I grew up in an Environmentally conscious household and it was imperative that Mermaid Wave Wear be sustainable. While also inspiring Mermaids to help Mother Nature in her healing. Especially our Oceans.  The Ocean gives us food, exercise, transportation, beautiful scenery  and 50% of our Oxygen from phytoplankton, kelp and algae!

Mermaid Wave Wear offers booty shorts and high waisted shorts as well.   Great for kickboxing, yoga, roller disco, biking or chilling at the Beach.  Oh yeah, you can wear them to the Club too!

Wetsuits are 2.5mm neoprene, Shorts are .5mm neoprene. Featuring our own signature sparkling pink.

Be a Mermaid. Respect the Ocean.