Mimidale Designs



East meets West

Born and raised in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, Mimaya Dale now lives on beautiful Vancouver island, Canada. Mimaya started her career as a bench jeweler, she is a graduate gemologist (GIA), Gold A’design award winner, designer and founder of MIMIDALE DESIGNS. Mimaya is an internationally trained jewelry designer having studied in Canada, Italy, USA, and Australia. 

Mimaya’s designs are strongly influenced by traditional Japanese arts and culture which she grew up in and her jewelry carries Japanese symbolic meanings. 

MIMIDALE DESIGNS has two jewelry collections; Everyday jewelry is made of high quality sterling silver 925 focusing on jewelry that is worn daily, with positive japanese symbolic meanings in every design. Fine collection is all about Ohgi, which is translated into Japanese Folding Fan. Ohgi has been considered to send off and welcome divine spirit in Japanese culture. The symbolic meaning of Ohgi is prosperity as it spreads when it opens. All of her Fine collection is made of Gold.