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Minzkou is inspired by the distinctive freedom of artistic expression seen on streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and was born in New York. Additionally, the brand’s collections often incorporate nature motifs and themes into its pieces. Head designer Seray Sacan believes in the cyclical relationship humans have with the earth, and therefore has made sustainability a pillar of Minzkou’s company philosophy. By using cruelty-free silks, naturally dyed fabrics, and recycled materials, Sacan incorporates her eco-friendly ethos into each piece she designs. In addition to promoting sustainability, the brand is also known for its intricate weaving, high-level beading, knitting, and embroidery, most of which is done entirely by hand. COLLECTION DESCRIPTION : BOHOLECTIC WAVE Inspired by the life and death cycles of stars, The Boholective Wave collection aims to mimic the elements, formation shapes, and stories of the universe’s galaxies. Incorporating tiny seed beading, hand-knitted ring attachments, and eco-friendly fabrics (such as raw silk), Minzkou weaves together and further embellishes these materials to create a collection that reflects the splendor and endless wonder of the stars that glitter our skies. SUSTAINABILITY: Taking; Therefore Giving More As House of Minzkou, intending to control the impact we have upon the environment in which we wake up, work, breathe and live is not some kind of a duty, in fact it is a passion. We believe that what we do to our nature is our unexpressed inner reflection or vice versa. Nature and We are connected in an invisible way and that etheric chord affects each other though we are not yet conscious about it. What we give Gaia is what we will receive and treating her in most possible gentle ways is what we will get in return because as Creators of Minzkou we know that we deserve to be treated in that same delicate ways. Here at Minzkou our no-waste policy is to ensure there is literally no waste left behind in the production process by upcycling to integrate. Although natural, virgin fabrics give birth to our main collection at Minzkou, we are aware that the world needs less fashion-related waste. Only for selected pieces of each collection, there is the task of reworking the cut out pieces and the threads unused into unique, stylish, and modern pieces. Forming the brand around sustainability has never been just an option; for us it indeed is an essential necessity.