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An American company with a vibrant network of partners in Peru, Moda Kalon is a women's luxury fashion brand, specializing in cruelty-free alpaca knit and fur goods. 


Our alpaca fibers are cruelty-free, as no animals are ever harmed or killed in the sourcing of our wool. Alpacas are sheared annually for their fibers and fur is only sourced from animals that have died from natural causes. Because our demand is dependent upon nature, no two fur pieces are exactly alike and our supply can vary.

We believe mass clothing production is wasteful, taxing our environment and leading to unnecessary disposal and spending.We launch most of our collection in small batches in order to minimize this burden.

We love seasons but don’t want to be nailed down to a fashion calendar. We want our customers to be able to shop clothing for whatever season meets their needs at the time of purchase.

Fashion isn't exclusive to just one type of person, size or body-type. And because no two people are alike, we accept custom orders to ensure the brand can accommodate an inclusive shopping experience for all and to guarantee satisfaction for those who wish to purchase investment pieces.

We care who makes our clothing and have relationships with all of our suppliers. We're proud to visit with them regularly not just to collaborate but also to catch-up!

Because alpaca fibers are not all created equal, we make it our priority to source only the highest quality Baby Alpaca, Suri Alpaca, Huacaya Alpaca and Vicuna fibers and fur. Our pieces are made by our highly skilled Peruvian artisans whom are masters in their field.

We believe that style and fashion need not always be about what’s on trend; Moda Kalon is for the modern woman and our clothing is more about the person behind the clothes and how our pieces are styled and worn with confidence.

A wardrobe should be a collection of effortlessly curated capsule pieces that, over time, are interchangeable and tell a collective story.

Fast fashion isn't our thing! We believe that there can be no value placed on high-quality clothing that will last for decades. Our wish is to help our clients acquire a lifetime of finely crafted garments that can be worn for all of the momentous occasions and passed down through generations.

Moda Kalon Oat Bianca Jacket
Moda Kalon Pink Bianca Jacket
Moda Kalon Pearl Andrea Jacket
Moda Kalon Oatmeal Francesca Jacket
Moda Kalon Navy Blue Francesca Alpaca Jacket
Moda Kalon Kate Fur Hat
Moda Kalon Cream Alessia Jacket
Moda Kalon Coral Nicoletta
Moda Kalon Coral Bianca Jacket
Moda Kalon Black Francesca Jacket
Moda Kalon Black Bianca Jacket
Moda Kalon Beige Oprah Cape