Since founding her label, Amela´s Zetterberg has evolved an International woman-centred design aesthetic made to make the woman feel as the best version of herself. As a woman and consciously designing, she creates pieces that reveal a woman’s personality while providing a sense of strength and courage through her unique design. It is the voice of modern minimalism and a strong sense of sophistication, versatility and effortless approach to wardrobing women for every part of their lives, from lounge wear to work and after work activities.

The timeless pieces are designed at Amela´s Stockholm and Paris studios. Architectural and geometrical shapes, modern, distinctive cuts, innovative use of fabrics and a dedicated focus on craftsmanship, define Amela´s signature ready-to-wear and accessories. Reoccurring themes seen through her bold use of colours and patterns in chosen beautiful fabrics, whilst the expressive and dynamic prints are informed by modern and contemporary art influences. Amela´s merge the boundaries between the differing creative disciplines of art, film, music, dance and fashion, which can be seen in her collaborations with artists in her short film and music.


The Monoimanii style is distinctive, timeless, chic, and can be described as sassy-streetwear meets classy. I want the dresses to be of emotional value too; so that the dresses could be passed down through generations and be full of memories and love from the loved ancestors. But still, the style must always be modern. I want to make women feel supported and confident, powerful but also embrace their vulnerable and emotional sensitive side, that´s truly a gift as a woman. Women today are busy, and I want to make it easy to feel good and get dressed, as well to dress up or down the outfit for different occasion in one day, as work, after work or a dinner.

The fabrics I use are mainly from haute couture stores in London, New York, and Paris and the dresses are mostly made from Brocades, Jacquard,Tweed and Silk.