Morphine Fashion “Because fashion is a drug”

Morphine Fashion is a luxury, couture brand recognized by Hollywood stars and artists around the world. Each item is hand-made using eco friendly materials and can be easily customizable to fit you best.

Morphine Fashion brand was founded in 2017 by journalist and designer Ecaterina Sergheevici. Inspired by catwalks, style icons of all times, music trends and social mood, she created a new attitude to casual fashion.

Morphine is all about attitude. Our business is all about right here, right now. We don’t just follow trends – we create them. We are convinced that fashion should be accessible, whatever your budget is. The philosophy of the brand is that women's nature is very changeable and diverse, we create clothes for every woman's mood. Today you can be the heroine of a fashionable street style and tomorrow an elegant diva.

Morphine Fashion Love You Denim Jacket
Morphine Fashion Hollywood Couture Denim Jacket
Morphine Fashion Fairytale Denim Jacket
Morphine Fashion Dallas Denim Jacket
Morphine Fashion Castle Rock Denim Jacket
Morphine Fashion Blue Fairytale Denim Dress