Hello Beautiful!

I am Shatara Edwards, founder and CEO of MUAH Cosmetics & Lux Skin Care, a cosmetic and skincare line you can trust to deliver! MUAH Cosmetics was initially launched in 2016 and re-launch in 2020.

Before I tell you about my company and its purpose, I will give a little background on myself and my passion for makeup. Ever since I was a young girl growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I was always interested in cosmetics and fashion; it is an art form that changes with your mood, environment, and occasion. Growing up, I began to realize that, along with understanding how to apply makeup, I also had to gain an understanding of the overall process of makeup.

Like any other talent or passion, I was only limited to what I knew, so I began to invest in my love for makeup by paying for hands-on classes, watching YouTube videos, studying other well-known artists, and practicing techniques on myself.

As my love for the Cosmetics Industry grew, I soon realized that there is such little representation for women of color. Many companies do not provide the foundation range of colors necessary to include African American women in their target audience. Also, many companies do not offer the “in-between” foundation hues and are not as diverse.

This is where MUAH Cosmetics comes in and saves the day. MUAH Cosmetics is not your ordinary cosmetic line; we are “THE” cosmetic line, which caters to all skin tones are all occasions. We are here to serve you as the client and provide you a luxury line of cosmetics but at an affordable price. We offer makeup for your brunch outing, your casual look, corporate look, date night look, and many more looks for all occasions for both women and men.

Thank you for trusting and choosing MUAH Cosmetics, congratulations you are now officially a MUAH Mami and or MUAH Babe.