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The brand was founded by Muge Yukseloglu in 2017 after she left corporate fashion environment and started creating as an independent fashion designer in NYC.

All handbags are designed and made in the USA in a small artisan atelier in limited batches with great attention to detail from quality materials. Only left-over leather and fabric are used in the production for sustainability purposes.  The brand is dedicated to create awareness for positivity, diversity, inclusivity and freedom from separation and control with its designs. Brand’s logo of holding hand human figure and motto of “Oneness & Freedom” reflect its core values.

Traditional Turkish shoes were recently added to brand’s collection for two reasons; First, they are great pairing option with brand’s handbag designs and second, longing to the Turkish roots where the founder’s background is based on.  The shoes are called “Yemeni” and this shoemaking method has a history of 700 years. They are comfortable, healthy and stylish. Once lost their popularity, they made a big comeback in Turkey, Europe and the USA. The shoes can be seen in well-known movies such as Harry Potter, Troy, Lord of the Rings. Yemeni shoes, as handbags were made from the leather of by- product of the meat industry. All are made by hand in limited quantities by local artisan families in South Eastern Turkey.

Muge NYC x Flying Solo are a good match because of the collaborative and collective mindset.