Nazarene Fashion






Nazarene is a title applied to Jesus, grew up in Nazareth and later to those who followed his teachings (Acts 24:5)


amictus is an Latin word with
definition in English as an
outer garment; clothing, garb; fashion; manner of dress; drapery.

Nazarene Amictus was founded in 2018 by Prince Iheanyi Njemanze who hails from the Eastern Region of Nigeria. Nazarene Amictus was created to expose fashion as a medium that describes, compares, interprets and explains religion, historically based, and cross cultural perspectives. The Nazarene design technique and philosophy is derived from the concept of how the potter works the clay as written in the Book of Jeremiah 18. The Nazarene clothing is powered by organic textiles such as sackcloth, linen, hide, leather, and fur. The Nazarene logo is synonymous with the “Ancient Roman Helmet” representing the fashion era, while the 3 crucifixion nails captured in Nazarene is a reminder of ancient Rome’s cruelty. Nazarene Amictus is trendy, smart, unique in style, exclusive and most of all exhumes a powerful aura when worn.


Our Vision is “To promote sustainable fashion that is revered by all for its purity in creativity”; Our vision is inspired by Mathew 5:8 “Blessed are they pure at heart for they shall see God”.

Our Mission is to “Boost Confidence of Character”.


• To exemplify the application of common sense in creating garments of extreme simplicity, put together by the ingenuity behind tailoring.

• To re-create characters of the ancient times with the exquisite look by combining raw skills of assemblage.


The power of Nazarene Amictus is non-secular; offering in general clothes of limited productions that is never to be re-created or its fabric reused in later times. Nazarene garments are tailored properly for a select few and often hand knitted or seamed to create jagged edges or a friction effect around the neck and sleeves thus producing a likewise ancient clothing of early century BC. Our clothing style is also finely tailored to give a rich and well finished outlook relative to symbols and signs. Our clothing is extended to all classes of people but limited to those who are bold and fearless and to those that seek fashion exclusivity.

Each collection is limited to 12 pieces in number and the concept of each collection is one off. Pre-order is available within the shortest timeframe. Repetition of designs and fabric is forbidden in Nazarene Amictus thus making research and art design exigent towards the selection of fabrics and expression of designs.


A– Age: creativity influenced by timeless Consciousness

M– Mystery: inspire curiosity and knowledge in understanding our concept and design as well as what inspires our designs.

I– Information: resourcefulness in research and development

C– Consistency: consistent branding, styling and artwork in principles and in form.

T– Truth: Actuality in representation

U– Unconventional: freedom to express art not bound by or conforming to convention

S– Spirituality: built upon scriptural texts


Our fashion theme is in alignment with the biblical doctrine and provides the structure for our fashion collections. The theme explains the clothing style and the texture of fabric to be used or worn.