Nazarene Fashion







Nazarene Amictus was founded in 2018 by Prince Iheanyi Njemanze who hails from the Eastern Region of Nigeria. The name Nazarene is a title applied to Jesus, of Nazareth and followers of his teachings. While, AMICTUS is Latin word with definition in English as an outer garment; clothing, garb; or fashion. Nazarene Amictus was created to expose fashion as a medium that describes, compares, interprets and explains religion, historically based, and cross cultural perspectives. The Nazarene design technique and philosophy is derived from the concept of how the potter works the clay as written in the Book of Jeremiah 18. The Nazarene clothing is powered by organic textiles such as sackcloth, linen, hide, leather, and fur. The Nazarene logo is synonymous with the “Ancient Roman Helmet” representing the fashion era, while the 3 crucifixion nails captured in Nazarene is a reminder of ancient Rome’s cruelty. 


Nazarene Amictus landed a slot in Paris Fashion Week in 2019 where they made their first debut with Fashion Week Studio at the Ritz Paris. However in November 2019, Nazarene gained its first editorial feature with international magazine British Vogue and British GQ, thus presenting itself as an ancient and modern realism based on ancient theme, innovation and biblical relevance. Consistently, Nazarene Amictus has stirred the attention of fashion lovers from their appearances in fashion shows and collaborative projects with major fashion houses. Nazarene Amictus is trendy, smart, unique in style, exclusive and most of all exhumes a powerful aura when worn.