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Nini K. hats shine in the crowd

An artist and designer originally from an ancient country Georgia, inherited rich and beautiful culture of that world.

Nini K's talents and drive found home in NYC. Cultural diversity and colorful specter of everyday life in NYC had a great impact on Nini and she applied her art into making HATS.

"A Hat is a very strong symbol for protection, identification and esthetics" says Nini K. "In NYC where people come from different roots and cultures, I tried to make hats which will give a strong identity to whoever wears them."

Nini K's artistic and creative approach to her designs proves that a hat can change one's mood, spirit and of course becomes a subject of attraction. Each and every hat is a work of art. Wearing a Nini K. hat makes you distinguished.

Nini K. Starburst Hat
Nini K. Spike Aviators Hat
Nini K. Faux Fur Mohawk
Nini K. Faux Flower
Nini K. Faux Flower
Nini K. Cat Face Hat
Nini K. 3 Faux Pompoms