NON by Seyoung Shin is a New York City based designer brand founded in May 2019.

NON by Seyoung Shin frenetic energy of modern city life to create a counterpoint in white, with monotonal fabrics folded into strong waves and soft lines, smoothing the frenzy of city life with a carefully pieced, quietly conspicuous collection resembling quilted clouds. The editorial appeal of her construction and presentation is immediately evident in the heart of New York city's garment district. Materials are sourced and bought in New York City and designer’s homeland South Korea.

Collection is curated in her illustrations that traced on fabric, fabric printed and the designer directly painted on the garments. Designer’s unique illustrations bring her design identity well.

NON by Seyoung Shin White Sleep No More Top
NON by Seyoung Shin White Signal lost duvet pants
NON by Seyoung Shin White Error 404 top
NON by Seyoung Shin Dreamlike Skirt
NON by Seyoung Shin Break apart hoody