ODARA Brand was established in 2014 by Monica Blalock, A.K.A. Myz. ODARA. The word “ODARA” means Beautiful Woman, defined by the spirit, not by race, culture or background. Our brand serves as a constant reminder that ALL women are beautiful & worthy; despite the circumstances, obstacles and tests that life presents them. Our mission is to rebuild the mindsets towards a positive direction, empower their spirits to continue to push forward and unite women all over the globe by utilizing one form of communication: truth.

The foundation of the “ODARA Brand” is their publication, which is, ODARA Magazine.  The magazine consists of celebrity and non-celebrity interviews, beauty, fashion, advice columns and more. This publication is where ALL women are welcome to share their experiences with other women, in order to help another, avoid or overcome issues within their life. 

We want women to see the ODARA Brand as a beacon of light that will ultimately lead them to success by utilizing our many platforms such as: ODARA Magazine, ODARA Thoughts books and Myz. ODARA live podcast.

When you support the “ODARA Brand” you are supporting a Household name! Yes, ODARA is already a HH Name because it is an “ODARA” (Beautiful Woman) in every Household. ODARA is a mom, daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt, friend or stranger! It is time to build yourself up ODARA; so that you can build up another ODARA! 

ODARA Thought: 

“Beauty has to be Mental first; Before it can ever become physical”- Myz. ODARA