Of The Saints



With the “Of The Saints” collection of yoga apparel, the eternal dilemma of glamour vs functionality is resolved. Disguised as pure allure, each outfit is surprisingly functional. The bodysuits are light, enabling the skin to breathe, while the stenciled cut-outs reveal the muscles involved in yoga positions. Each piece is designed to replace burdensome yoga-wear while showcasing your most beautiful forgotten charms; your collarbone, your shoulders, your neck, your earlobes, the small of your back... With their trademark "Feminize the Female”, Of The Saints created a new classic; a bodysuit that is an absolute necessity for your yoga wardrobe. Of The Saints is the trendsetter of one-piece bodysuit while commanding the standard of quality and athletic comfort.

Of The Saints Corporation which started as a family-owned company in California in 2012 was founded by a husband and wife team. The pursuit was to promote and inspire an active well- balanced lifestyle and to create a distinctively fierce female line of yoga apparel igniting strength and beauty within. Of The Saints’ original romper suits were conceived when our company’s founder met her first muses and each apparel is intended to capture their character and

story. The essence and beauty of the muses is at the heart of the company’s philosophy and direction.

Of The Saints. Bella Romper Yoga Suit in Black & White
Of The Saints, Gigi Romper in Moss Green & Navy Blue
Of the Saints, Antonella Classic Romper Suit Black & White
Of The Saints, Antonella Bikini Suit, Black & White