“Style is mastered by having great taste in fashion and originality!”

That’s what Originez Clothing is all about. Established in 2017, designer & CEO Jerald Winborne was born to be a dominant force in the fashion industry. Jerald had a itch for fashion while in high school and even won Best Dressed in his senior year.

He created Originez after his desire to be in the fashion industry and was inspired by top street wear designer, Philipp Plein. After his moment of inspiration, Jerald decided to design all of his clothing in his garage. Soon after weeks of promoting, his hometown of Franklin, Virginia caught wind of his designs and immediately began to place orders. Nevertheless, Originez quickly became a hometown favorite and gained a massive amount of exposure.

Jerald’s dream of becoming a fashion household name is starting to take notice. Soon, the world will catch on and fulfill his mission to give customers a unique sense of style and originality through Originez!