OTKUTYR Fashion House is not just a designer line, it’s also a production and creative direction hub for starting brands. In addition to being importers and ambassadors of Jean Bracq lace, a family owned French brand with the world’s oldest lace machines, we also import for Gruppchinco; an Italian textile brand, production is available upon order, and they recycle polyester and plastic into beautiful fabric. One of our long-term visions is our desire to be environmentally sustainable, prompt up-cycling more and produce for international brands in Saudi whilst expanding local production. In terms of textile, we hope to revive traditional styles of sewing from all around the Kingdom that’s rich and diverse in color and style. The dream is to one day have an entirely Saudi production line.

OTKUTYR Navy Blues
OTKUTYR Outthere Undercover Hoodie
OTKUTYR Venus In Furs